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VIC22XX Series
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                                                                         Work assistant,security guard

 ——Forest virescence monitor & management GPS tracking solution

 How to help forest workers completing work more effective?
How to guarantee the security of workers?
How to locate timely & accurately in emergency situation?

In most virescence work especially in the forest, they use old way of working: worker go out for patrol without devices for locating & communicating with center. So when workers lose his way, repeat work, encounter danger, there's no way to know the exact situation from center. Generally they use mobile, but it can not locate accurately & requesting effectively for help.

To solve these problems, we designed VIC-ZONE Forest virescence monitor & management GPS tracking solution. It includes personal GPS tracking device for forest workers. This product support TS610 software platform, which can display clearly the location, circumstance & the history route of workers. & There's SOS button for emergency situation. When center received the SOS, they can get exact location & offer help immediately. This product can also monitor if the workers complete missions as requested.

System solution detailed information:
1. System solution:£¨www.vic-zone.com £©
TS610 is the monitor platform, setup the functions are on this platform;
T30C,T30E,T300Cis the terminal products;
T30Cis common design,T30E is watch design;
T30C,T30E is used for persons, pets;
T300C, T300E is used for vehicle and fleet management.
2. products details£¨take T30C, T30E as example£©

1£© T30E Applications:
T30E used for elderly, children, marathoner, bike racer, police, postman, secret agent, mountain climber, rescuer, probation officer, pets, and other applications.
2£© T30E Specification
(1)Used advanced SIRF-Star III GPS module;
(2)Can be used worldwide,support 3 frequency£ºGSM 900/1800/1900 MHZ;
(3)2 communications: SMS,GPRS;
(4)Real time tracking;
(5)SOS alarm;
(6)one SOS number preset;
(7)continuous location report ;
(8) System setting by SMS. FREELY!
(9)Low battery alarm;
(10)Over speed alarm;
(11)It has data logging function and records up to 20400 way points;
(12) The wrist GPS tracker with display function.
Technology Parameter:
(1)module£ºSincom300 Tri-Band GSM module (GSM900/1800/1900MHz) ;
(2)antenna£ºbuild in;
(3) Protocol: Support TCP transmission .
(1)module:SRIF III 20 channel;
(2)protocol:NMEA-0183 ;
(3)antenna:build in ;
(4) Accuracy:1-5m ;
(5) Update rate: 1 HZ ;
(6) Cold start: 42s Warm start: 35s Hot start: 1s
Operating Voltage: 3.4-4.5V ;
Charge voltage: 4.5~5V;
Standby: 15mA ;
Operating: 80mA ;
Battery Li-ion: 1100mAh ;
Stand-by time: 36hours .
Product Size: 68mm*47mm*17mm ;
Weight: 55g (including battery);
Box Size: 17.5cm*12cm*8.5cm ;
Weight: 260g;
Carton Size: 53cm*38cm*47cm (for 40pcs) ;
Weight: 12KG.
3£© T30C,E,T300Csoftware TS610:
1£®Support 3 inquiry method£¬Google map£¬ Google earth£¬E-map;
2£®Every enterprise user can administer the entire vehicle in its range;
3.The system can check over the status of terminal real time, and achieve successive monitoring;
4. Read and set up the parameters and status;
5. Send messages to the terminal, then can view it with LCD;
6. It can send the order to the device for monitoring;
7. It can help the vehicle to lock itself automatically;
8. Play back the track of vehicle;
9. It can set the range of limited areas to realize the Geo-fence alarm and over-speed alarm .

4£© T30E after sale service:
Supply technology support service,GPS Tracker main unit one year warranty. We can help clients to set up operation platform, system maintenance, and system free update.
5£©T30C,T30E operation training:
Client can send employee to study set up the platform, operation, maintenance, and how to use in our company.
Real time monitor on software platform, alarm and history inquiry.
Installation of the GPS Tracker.
The period is 1-2days,charge on yourself.

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