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About Viczone
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About Viczone

We concentrate in the kinds of GPS and Communications. We have our own powerful R&D team on the development . We engage in providing the products and technology of the positioning and communication,safety such as tracking system solutions and communication modules because that we believe that companies and people need better products and services of positioning and communication. We design and develop several series products and solutions in the following fields,

1.GPS Tracking System Solutions for persons and pets :
    GPS tracking platform software (TS610);
    GPS trackers for persons (for children, old men, pets, ...,etc.);
    GPS wrist wacth tracker (T30E,T30G)

2.GPS Tracking System Solutions for vehicles:
    GPS tracking platform software (TS610);
    GPS trackers for cars, trucks, fleets;
    GPS trackers for investigators;
    GPS navigators (support tracking system );
    (T300B,T300C,T300E, …,etc. )

3.OEM/ODM are available.
    OEM/ODM solutions for GPS tracking system (for persons,vehicles)
    T200 series, T400 series,…,etc.

We may meet customer's OEM/ODM requirements on GPS trackers and Platforms.

Our OEM partner has over 1000 workers in his factory in Shenzhen. The area of our production base is more than 13000 square meters. We established a complete quality control system, and have a product line without lead. Now our products may meet the quality and service request of our worldwide customers.
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